Splitting her time between the US and the UK, Sirena lives to writes alongside artists and producers across genres. “Step Out of the Shadow,” a co-write with Grammy-nominated producer Hannah V (Yola, Jessie J, JP Cooper, Andreya Triana) was a first look at her writing outside of her former life as a modern jazz singer songwriter.

As a kid in the Washington DC area, she sang in every choir that she could. She pored over lyrics back in the day when writing out the words to songs and passing them out to friends was a token of affection. After a steady diet of mainstream pop and R&B, followed by providing airy vocals to producers in DC’s burgeoning electronic scene, Sirena fell in love with the deliciously melancholic melodies of jazz and blues. After meeting musicians who were jetting back and forth across the pond, Sirena took the leap and found her footing as a singer songwriter performing in London's top jazz venues and festivals throughout Europe.

Now Sirena is stepping off the stage to focus on writing for other artists, sync licensing and the occasional feature. Collaboration is Queen for Sirena, who also serves as a model for innovative visual artists in the London arts scene. She's also an accomplished voice over artist with multiple credits including National Geographic and Audible. You can also hear her on the podcast, Assata's Chant and Other Histories - an anthology of interviews, readings, immersive storytelling and archive audio that tell stories of Assata Shakur and the Black Liberation Movement.

"Freedom is a wilderness
there's no beacon or North Star
you'll know that you are free
when you don't know where you are"


Sirena Riley's mission is to use the power of music and voice to connect with the audience in a deep emotional level and inspiring them to explore the depth of human experience.

Exploring and expressing the nuances of the human condition through music and lyrics.

“The best, BEST feeling in the world for me is finishing a song. Finding the exact right lyric or melody that makes everything come together. It's like an orgasmic, musical crossword puzzle!”



The more ideas the better . The best ideas wins.


Following your taste and trusting your gut.


A complicated word to describe simply embracing your individual style(s).