Like her musical heroes Prince and Nina Simone, American singer-songwriter Sirena Riley has always drawn from a broad range of influences. Jazz clubs were the place Sirena found her footing as a lead vocalist and she has played London's top jazz venues including the Vortex, Jazz Cafe, Ronnie Scott's, several London Jazz Festivals and many festivals throughout Europe.

Her debut album, The Lunatic, The Lover and The Poet earned awards from the UK Songwriting Competition. Now Sirena is fusing that lyrical and jazzy melodic confidence into sophisticated, contemporary vibes by collaborating with producers who've worked with major pop and R&B acts including Beyonce, Jessie J and JP Cooper.

Andy Warhol meets Sirena Riley pop-art by Jule Bennett


Co-written/produced by Hannah V - Grammy winner and gold-certified producer of Yola and JP Cooper and touring keyboardist for Rihanna & Jessie J. The vibe is sassy, soulful pop, pretty directly inspired by Janet Jackson’s “I Get Lonely”. But this song is about NOT chasing the guy. This is a feminine feminist anthem about how a true huntress embraces stillness to become more powerful and seductive

“Chasing Paradise” is a danceable, tropical, soulful pop tune about the joys and pitfalls of travel - the dangerous pull it can have when we want to escape ourselves and living our best lives for social media through the promise of the perfect shot

So many seas, so many shores

Will I find what I'm looking for

Diving through blue oceans deep

Will I find a new belief

Nothing will ever be the same

New blood is pumping through my veins

My eyes have adjusted to the light

Of my birthright

On the debut album from Sirena Riley, co-written with pianist/composer Tom Donald, her sunburnt voice and poetic, often confrontational lyrics stretch expectations of a jazz vocalist.

“Riley's lyrics and Donald’s music seem to flow together in a single flood of invention”

- JazzWise Magazine

(Written by Sirena Riley and Hannah V)

Step out of the shadow

Chasing Paradise

(Written by Sirena Riley and Michael Slusakowicz)

The Lunatic the Lover and the Poet

Lyrics by Sirena Riley, Composed by Tom Donald

Music for TV & Film

In this Amazon Prime limited series, magic has returned to the modern world, policed by the government. The “Leif & Emma” episode of Strowlers, directed by Nicole Pouchet and filmed in Copenhagen, features Sirena’s “When We Are Together”

Ghanaian film maker, Kofi A. Ntiforo has snagged several international film festival awards for his short film, God Spelled Backwards. Sirena’s haunting version of “He’s Got the Whole World” is featured in the trailer

Vocal Features

Tenedle - Same Old Song

Cult With No Name

Cult With No Name (often abbreviated to CWNN) is a German/ English musical duo from London, comprising Erik Stein and Jon Boux. Influenced largely by electronic music, post-punk, and modern classical music, they refer to themselves "electronic balladeers" Their album, Heir of the Dog features Sirena along with Ex-Sneaker Pimp and trip hop legend Kelli Ali.

Distinguished by a mix of songwriting, electronic music, themes from the 'imaginary', Netherlands-based Tenedle's projects have led the press to call him “a visionary songwriter.” Sirena features on his album, Demetra with the single “Same Old Song”


Of California

I Don't Fear the Reaper

All I Have is Yours