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Cool, calm, reassuring. From soft, sophisticated reads to dynamic upbeat sells. Sirena has has voiced projects from National Geographic documentaries and Al Jazeera promos to Marriott Hotel trainings and DHL adverts. Audiobooks? Yep, she does that. Jingles? She's a singer, so got that covered.

But her specialty? She's the voice behind the introductory videos of several small business websites all over the world. Take a listen to her demos and you'll hear that she has great diction, so she can clearly explain practically anything and manage to make your business sound friendly and approachable at the same time.

Need a voice to bring your project to life? Its easier than you think

woman and man sitting in front of monitor
woman and man sitting in front of monitor
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men's gray crew-neck t-shirt
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two women taking to each other while holding pens
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grayscale photo of condenser microphone beside pop filter

”An Open Paradox” was in the semi finals as Best Narrative Short at the

Sirena Riley (Voice Over), Tim Mountain (Director), Catherine Mountain (Producer), George Cooper (Poet)

Nokia technology vision animation

Sirena has been the inspirational and aspirational voice behind many company visions. Like this Nokia animation laying the foundation for the future of the team

"Sirena has THE most beautiful voice and worked for us on two of our video productions. She was a pleasure to work with; professional, easy to direct and really brought something of herself to the performance. The results were absolutely incredible. I would highly recommend Sirena. We would certainly work with her again on other campaigns. Thanks Sirena! - Catherine Mountain, Producer"

An Open Paradox-Narrative Short

Lioness - An imprisoned woman dreams of freedom in this short film that blends animation with live action, created by Nicole Pouchet. Sirena is the voice of the animated Lioness. Poster created by Sam Snow /@azuritemedia

Lioness-Short Film


What Listeners say

I love the narrator. she made it seem like it was her story. the story itself was also amazing!

Absolutely Beautiful Story

Good little story. Great narration. I would have liked it to last a little longer.

Great book

I started out with intentions of listening to this book a few hours a day but ended up listening to it completely in 2 days! A great education. Highly recommended! The narration was fantastically well done!

A must Read/Listen

Assata speaks from the heart, from experience, and from expertise. Her stories from her life and the movement for justice are a testament for all those fighting today. Sirena Riley also does a master performance as a reader. I recommend this book 100%

Beautiful and Useful Biography

Fabulous book

Amazing listen! this was a great book! the story line, the narrating! highly recommend it


I enjoyed how the story was told and the narrators were great!


Assata’s Chant Spotify podcast that fuses visual art, interviews, readings, immersive storytelling, music and sound design to tell an anthology of histories from the black liberation movement with particular focus on Assata Shakur, voiced by Sirena Riley